//Webcoin proudly announces the name of a new strategic partner

Webcoin proudly announces the name of a new strategic partner

Quarteria mission is to create the first international decentralized residential and commercial real estate listings database controlled by both Buyers and Sellers. Real Estate Brokers and self-represented Sellers will be able to upload their listings, receive reviews, complete rental transactions (including micro-leasing of office space) through smart contracts, and eventually, transfer title of properties, all paid for via the XQT token. Furthermore, the platform will offer an additional innovative and disruptive aspect of real estate which is currently exploding in big metropolitan cities across the world; luxury auctions. A Seller can utilize specific marketing techniques which lead up to a luxury auction which produces market value quickly, as seen in the fine-art industry.

Quarteria is joining Webcoin as he shares the vision and the value proposition of the company within the ecosystem. With the Webcoin tokens, individuals and companies will be able to purchase a new generation of highly commercial digital advertising services that are far more effective in generating Return on Investment(ROI).

The mission of Webcoin within the Webhits.io platform is to provide the means for achieving tangible results with regard to website and social media engagement services, at the lowest cost. A distinctive functionality trait of the platform is the amazing Social Mining feature that fundamentally transforms the relationship between advertising and cryptocurrency.

With each passing year companies spend more than ever before on digital marketing services. The recent ban on cryptocurrency advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Google creates an entirely new and uncontested “Blue Ocean” market space with no competition. Webhits.io’s mission is to pioneer the technological development of this new industry by introducing a new generation of digital advertising solutions to ICOs, startups, blockchain companies and corporations.


Connecting with and capitalizing on interest-based audience will result in an increased return on investment for advertisers. Through Webcoin, digital advertising will be faster, more secure, and far more efficient. The Webcoin team aims to integrate all viral social media networks into the world’s largest interest-based peer-to-peer social media and web exchange platform. The Webhits.io platform will allow businesses from all around the world to effectively advertise now on the Indian and Asia-Pacific markets including.

Webcoin has the enormous potential to be a game changer for digital advertising and blockchain forever. To learn more about Webcoin and how it’s trying to make a noticeable difference in the global economy, please visit: https://webcoin.today


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